Formerly – Project: Below

Coming 2019


Three Antarctic cruise ships have gone missing. An entire Russian research base has gone silent with no radio contact. A private facility has been swept with an unknown pathogen.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg.

After Siggy Smith is charged with first-degree murder and sentenced to liquidation, she’s given a choice: a quick death, or five years on an elite squadron known as MONSTR. Choosing life, the shape-shifter and ex-marine is now tasked with tracking down and eliminating supernatural entities that threaten human life.

Starting with the mysteries creeping across the snowy landscapes of the Antarctic.

With each passing hour, the stakes grow higher as the team faces a new crisis around every corner and an enemy that continues to evolve, leading Siggy to wonder if she made the right choice…

From Project: Below to Challenger

The Journey

Project: Below started as an interactive novel project following Siggy Smith in the Antarctica plotline. It was my thesis project in my final year of my Bachelor of Design (Games) degree at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia.

I started the project in Twine, then adapted it to work in Unity3D so I could house the story in a dynamic atmosphere and add more interactive elements.

The project itself challenged me as a programmer since I’m a game artist by trade, but that only made it far more satisfying when the game worked without exploding.

The first chapter of the game was presented at the RMIT Games Showcase of 2017.

I intended to finish the project and release it to Steam in early 2018, but after a change of heart I rewrote the story as a novella, titled Challenger, and submitted it to an Australian publisher for their SNAFU Resurrection anthology.

It was shortlisted, but ultimately didn’t make the cut.

After the rejection I started rewriting, and intend to release Challenger in 2019.

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