“Never trust a suit who
wears kitten heels in lieu
of stilettos.”



Book One of the Galean Universe
Release: TBD

Escaping the old life and starting a new one on the other side of the law sounds noble and smart in theory. My kid certainly loved the new us, but with my tendency to fall off the proverbial wagon it probably wasn’t the best move. Yet here I was, bullshitting my way through a made up life with only a few dozen secrets to keep track of.

Now it’s the first case of the newly formed PCI, the Preternatural Crimes Investigation and Analysis Unit. A nifty little DOD experiment someone cooked up in a think-tank. Hire some of the tamed monsters to handle the wild ones. Sounded logical, right? Well, not only are we working out of a moldy, decrepit shit-hole in downtown Kansas City, but our pioneer case belongs in a low budget horror film, and if it all falls apart, we’d be the ones to blame.

The survivors of a serial killer’s spree are now being massacred years after he was supposedly killed.

The body parts are piling up. The leads are colder than the early snow. The narrative of this cluster fuck is spiraling out of control and some of my old trigger-happy acquaintances have wandered into town to say hey.

Chapter One

Coming Soon

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