The Siggy Smith Series #1

The Chase

The first instalment of
The Lockwood Series

now an audiobook

The Venue

The second instalment of
The Lockwood Series

new release

The Dead Wolf Diaries

My name is Persephone Lennox and writing this journal is the only thing keeping me sane. I only came back to the U.S to visit friends, but strange things were happening in the news that we all ignored. Illnesses, natural disasters, accidents.. Then I couldn’t get a flight back to Australia and I thought it was just bad customer service. Six years later I’m still here, locked behind city walls while the dead roam outside, keeping us all trapped and obedient. Except I’m done being a rat in a cage.

This standalone series is now available on Kindle Vella and will feature weekly episodes. 

now on audible


“Never trust a suit who wears kitten heels in lieu of stilettos.”

-Valentine Peters

bloody frost

coming soon

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