The Venue

“I feel like I’m watching a monkey play with a typewriter. Not even a smart monkey, a brain-damaged one with flailing appendages.”









The Venue

the lockwood series #2

London. Ground zero for the top five most outlandish sexual escapades that Cosima and Rurik have ever gotten themselves into.

This time is no different.

After an unreasonably sensible get-together with friends and family, the couple is pressured to sit down and work out some … long term plans.

Unfortunately, their plan to make plans is interrupted by their insatiable infatuation with one another, and each one’s attempts to dominate and outdo the other which ultimately lands them in Milan for another one of their carnal adventures.

Things take a strange turn, however, when their favorite venue is suddenly overrun with police and federal agents and the duo finds themselves facing the kind of trouble neither had anticipated.


"Never trust a suit who wears kitten heels in lieu of stilettos."

-Valentine Peters

bloody frost

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